Learn Spanish on location in Argentina.

Here's How It Works

Travel and Learn

Learning Spanish doesn't have to be boring. Ecela offers a new and exciting alternative to the usual grammar, memorization and repetition-based learning system that most schools offer. Immerse yourself in the unique Spanish culture with Ecela. Study in Argentina, Chile, or Peru for a one-of-a kind cultural experience that will allow you to meet new people and take strides toward fluency in the Spanish language. You can even study in more than one location during your trip.

Exclusive Locations

You'll be placed in a class small enough for lots of participation and individual assistance, but still get the benefits of group learning with others who have a similar Spanish speaking skill level as you. You can learn spanish in chile at a school in Santigo and go on excursions in the local area in this very cultural city. Ecela also offers similar study/travel experiences in Argentina and Peru. All three locations will give you a learning adventure you'll never forget.

Classes Available Now

With 3 different Spanish immersion packages available, you can choose to stay for 1 to 2 weeks with the Immersion Trial experience, 3 to 7 weeks with the Immersion Tourist experience, or even 8 or more weeks with the Immersion Traveler package. Your journey to studying Spanish in South America begins with Ecela. Find out more about each location, the school you will be attending, and the accomodations and excursions available. Sign up to get started today.